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About Lythix

About Us
Lythix was born out of a direct need from the O&G industry. With a combined 130 years in the O&G industry, our team brings expert knowledge to the projects and companies we serve.

We have intimate power system knowledge of how each individual load affects the system as a whole. This directly relates to the overall power quality, capacity and efficiency of each load that is served. Designing a power system that correctly serves the diversity of loads in the oil field is critical to long term success and health of the power grid, utility and customer owned power systems

Our Mission

• Assist O&G Producers in creating and managing individualized internal power programs
• Work with corporate and field personnel to create forecasting models and a process of field notifications for load additions
• Improve communications between O&G Producers and Utility Companies
• Ensure the O&G Producers’ electrical systems are suitable for long term growth and design new infrastructure to accommodate long term needs
• Consult on power quality issues and stay up to date with the most current power solutions and technology for the benefit of our clients