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Consulting Services

Design, Construction & Inspection

Company owned infrastructure is costly and making sure it’s built to code and company standards are critical to any company’s long term success. Lythix is equipped to assist with the design, construction and perform maintenance inspections to ensure infrastructure integrity long term.

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Project Management

Projects often involve many parties and many areas of expertise. Lythix can assist in the project management role while also bringing knowledge of new technologies, their uses and related vendors.

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UAV Inspections and Mapping

Aerial mapping and survey with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) help a company gauge their assets quickly and efficiently, saving time and money, while offering a better perspective than ground surveys. UAVs also provide increased safety protection for personnel by keeping personnel from direct exposure to high voltage lines and also allows personnel to stay safely planted on the ground.

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Coordination, Power Quality & Fault Analysis

Proper system coordination is critical to the health of any power system. Lythix provides comprehensive system coordination services to meet any client’s needs, as well as comprehensive power quality and fault investigation services.

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Electrical Engineering

Lythix offers a wide range of oil field electrical system modeling to completely analyze any present or future production demands. We can produce models from practically any available system data, as well as offering complete, survey grade, system mapping services.

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Load Forecasting & Capacity Planning

A power and system planning load forecast takes into account variables that influence demand needs from immediate and short term ( <1 year) to longer term models (up to 5 years or more). Lythix’s load forecasts are designed to project demand needs into the future to ensure company owned and utility infrastructure are adequate for your company’s long term goals.

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