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Coordination, Power Quality & Fault Analysis

Proper system coordination is critical to the health of any power system. Lythix provides comprehensive system coordination services to meet any client’s needs, as well as power quality and fault investigation services.

Lythix provides complete system protection analysis, modeling and coordination.  This includes existing systems, expansions and consolidations, and modernization programs with advanced digital protection devices.   We can also investigate any operation, failure, or mis-operation of a protection system and recommend correction and mitigation projects.

Complete System Protection Coordination

  • Distribution system and substation protection coordination, updates and upgrades, expansion design
  • Recloser programming and fuse coordination for distribution systems
  • Fuse-fuse coordination and troubleshooting
  • Coordination of power system protective devices with utility system protection and impedance data
  • System Troubleshooting and Power Quality Investigations
  • Inspect grounding and lightning protection for substations and electrical facilities
  • Harmonic Distortion– troubleshoot, investigate and propose solutions
  • Failure and down time investigations
  • Power system field inspections and maintenance recommendations