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Design, Construction & Inspection Services

Company owned infrastructure is costly and making sure it’s built to code and company standards are critical to any company’s long term success. Lythix is equipped to assist with the design, construction and perform maintenance inspections to ensure infrastructure integrity long term.

Lythix can provide extensive electrical design services for power lines, from overhead distribution standards, to line staking, to construction and in-service inspections.  Lythix employs designers and inspectors with extensive experience from 4kV to 138kV, including advanced aerial inspection services.  Lythix can also provide on-site project management for any construction project.

  • Design, Construction & Inspection Services
  • Overhead and Primary Underground Design and Construction Specs
  • Construction Inspection for newly constructed infrastructure
  • Distribution Line Staking and Survey
  • Equipment Standards and Specs
  • Substation Thermals
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Pole line inspection (UAV) with 3D modeling
  • UAV assisted inspections utilizing 3D, LIDAR, and thermal imaging for pipelines and facilities
  • UAV assisted inspections for electrical equipment using 4k and thermal imaging (transformers, motors, wire splice/connections, arrestors and insulators)